This is a little page I put together for my sprite comics featuring various character
from an IRC channel that I regular. That's why it is quite likely that only those
people will understand exactly what I mean in these comics.

The Master List

This is the master list of my comics. It is recommended to read the intro comics
first just to get an idea of the characters.

Introduction Comics

Intro 1 - The Introduction to Pink's Comics
Intro 2 - The Forgotten Character

Random Comics

Comic 1 - CKittayPerv
Comic 2 - Xaser's Dilemma
Comic 3 - Do the Edward!
Comic 4 - Something Strange
Comic 5 - A Retard and One Bucket of KFK
Comic 6 - A Plotline?
Comic 7 - The Cat-Like Girl
Comic 8 - Why the Comic Well Ran Dry

Intertwined Fates Comics

Comic 1 - Introduction to "Intertwined Fates"
Comic 2 - Fleeing Town
Comic 3 - A Fight for Survival
Comic 4 - The Mysterious Stranger
Comic 5 - A Twist of Fate
Comic 6 - Bombardment
Comic 7 - Sticking Together

I hope you enjoyed my comics.